Session 01: Creative filpbook review

Thanks girlfriend!
Animation workshop poster 5th Dec 2013 – Made by Mairead Gillespie

I’ve created my first session back in 5th December 2013. Thanks for everyone who came along. I didn’t know what to expect from it. Around 14 participants took part. The workshop had a Christmas theme because I wanted the sessions to be fun and relaxing, since it was the last week of winter term.

Setting up the workshop
Setting up the workshop

I choose the flip book technique because I was interested in the hand written and drawing aspect of directly putting your thoughts directly on paper. The idea was based on my tutor’s (Andrea Lioy), The Writing Workshop. Can writing slow down one’s pace, through a self reflective process? If one sheet of paper can have this effect, what about a series of sequential sheets juxtaposed together to create an illusion of movement on sticky notes? Can drawing in combination with writing do the same thing? I was intrigued.

I wonder what the rest says.....*laughs*
I wonder what the rest says…..*laughs*

Originally the whole workshop was structured for one hour. This is based on the idea of my early animated experiments of seeing if it was possible to make something within a short time-frame. It’s possible but you need to have clear guidance in what your doing.

I created lesson plans handouts with set times of my research presentation, demonstration and documenting. This is didn’t go to plan. I had to improvise according to the attention and amount of time each person in the open space CSM street area.

Demonstrating how the flipbook works
Demonstrating how the flipbook works

I think the presentations were too detailed in the psychological side of my research. I did get a few eyebrows raising. I believe there seemed to be a contradiction between the chilled out atmosphere and the heavy claims I was expressing. I’ll learn from next time to tone it down.

Thirteen students did the questionnaire. I was running the workshop for three hours in total. Everyone liked the element that you get to keep their flipbook creations at the end.

Showing finished flipbook
Showing finished flipbook

Not everyone made a flip-book. One particular person got really frustrated after drawing one or two pages. I looked over in what he was doing. I’ve noticed he was drawing the London skyline. Realizing it was quite detailed to do in the amount of time of the session. I suggested if he wanted to create a make a simpler flip-book. He replied he didn’t want to continue. I told him not to worry since it was his first try. Thanked him to coming along and gave him his flip-book.

Cute heart shape!
Cute heart shape!

I realized from this experience, that it’s not to everyone’s taste because he does take a certain amount of concentration. Some people do over-think when they’re drawing. I can relate to this since I do the same thing as well.

More workshops to come! This time, without the santa outfit.

That's all folks!
That’s all folks!

I want to thank the following people for their encouragement and support. Couldn’t have done it without you! *bows*

‘Lizzie Oxby’, ‘Esteban Gitton’ (moving Image tutors at CSM), Fred Deakin (my project advisor), ‘Andrea Lioy’, ‘Rossen Daskalov’ (former visual arts tutor in the mental health, community charity: CoolTan Arts), Mairead Gillespie (MA communication design), Yukai Du (MA character animation) and Mohan Ibrahimović Ganesh (MA character animation)

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