Session 02: Stop Motion Plasticine review

Animation Workshop MarchI was excited to have the second animation workshop! I had some technicial problems on 7th March and had to postpone it to 13th instead. I was gutted because I was looking forward to it. I suppose it’s good to know for the future.


This is the format I had the workshop this time. Compared to the last one where I had presentation and lesson plan handouts. It was a bit more casual.  I also changed the time to lunchtime instead of the evenings. These new table and chairs in the street area are great!


I had to deal with a lot of computer equipment, loaning the mac from the animation department (thanks Steve Roberts!) and other bits and pops from the loan store. I had to relearn how to use the Dragonframe program since it’s been a long time since I used it. For some of you who doesn’t know. Dragonframe is one of the best programs to use when it comes to capturing movement in stop motion. Films such as Paramorman and Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie used this very program to make their films and I can understand why. It’s really user friendly and gets lovely results.

I wanted a bit of music in the background of the workshop so I bought along some speakers. Also if anyone wanted to add sound to their piece.


*More info soon!*


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